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Business Launch

Are you launching a new business?

Need a virtual consultant to make your brand a success?

Chesapeake Virtual Productions is the one to call! We are specialized in creating custom and professional launches with our very own "business warming." Introducing your new company is no small feat, and we believe it should be celebrated with uniquely rewarding solutions.

We understand that running a business will take time, resources, and motivation. The responsibility will change your life and, with the right approach, can create everlasting success.

To Host a Business Warming or Not?

A business warming delivered by Chesapeake Virtual Productions is similar to a baby shower or a launch event before opening your doors or creating an official public launch. Our business warming is all about brand recognition and growth. We help you develop a platform such as a registry where you can accept the resources needed to get your business off the ground.

Business warmings are primarily introduced to select supporters or investors. With our professional knowledge and expertise, we can advise on the features to incorporate within your registry. From financial resources and gift cards to marketing to a select audience, we can help you with exceptional virtual solutions for your future success.

Create Superior Business Warmings the Chesapeake Way

If you need business warming, we are the team you can rely on! Whether you are reaching out to friends and family or possible investors, our expertise ensures an interactive, fun, and exciting virtual presentation. Use the opportunity to make an announcement to loved ones that you are launching a business or introduce your services and products to a professional market with a registry people can use to donate financial or material resources in support of future growth.

Contact the Team at Chesapeake Virtual Productions Today!

We help you create a memorable business warming with the best technologies and virtual solutions.

Due to COVID19, I would like to wish you and your family good health during this time and to let you know I am respecting social distancing guidelines. To better address and adapt for my client’s needs, I am currently offering Video consultation, estimates and ideas for all of their corporate events, as well as personal special events. Give me a call or send me an email to book a video conference for your next event today!