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Let Us Help You Achieve Your Corporate Vision

Businesses are shifting towards virtual events because it is an economical and interactive solution for professional advancement across industries. Part of this incredible strategy is to create professional and virtual corporate events. Chesapeake Virtual Productions will help you create a virtual conference or corporate webinar as standalone ventures or accompany a live event.

Incorporating our fully custom and licensed platforms, we offer cost-effective and secure solutions to maximize your business benefits.

Discover just how we can create exceptional virtual corporate events for your company.

Features and Benefits

Hosting a virtual event creates unique business opportunities because of its tremendous market reach. Online meetings, conferences, and webinars can incorporate staff, shareholders, and prominent business investors worldwide. As virtual events delivered by Chesapeake Virtual Productions create market growth across a strategic medium, it is the best investment for brand development and business success.

Reach a Broader Target Audience

Audience members are limited by the times and locations of corporate events. By hosting a virtual event, you create convenience that increases attendance, accounts for logistical difficulties, and provides global reach.

A Virtual Event is Cost-Effective

Virtual corporate events are strategic, with emphasis on specialized marketing techniques. If you are looking to advance the business by saving valuable resources, a digital event is the way to achieve this.

Avoid the expenses of hiring a venue, printing advertising, and renting equipment to host the event. When you rely on our virtual events team, we provide the licensed platforms and technical expertise needed to facilitate an engaging, professional, and affordable corporate event online.

Simplified Management

When you allow the Chesapeake Virtual Productions team to manage your next corporate event, we prevent the hassle and the stress of executing an independent virtual conference. Our dedicated technicians have the knowledge and the custom solutions needed to produce a rewarding experience.

Create a Powerful Brand

From customers to investors, executing a successful and seamless online presence builds trust. Corporate virtual strategies are recognized as innovative, and businesses willing to integrate such platforms are considered more competitive, creative, and efficient.

Entrust Your Next Virtual Conference to Chesapeake Virtual Productions

We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind experiences for your next virtual corporate event. As leading virtual event consultants, simply speak to us, and we will deliver unmatched service standards you can trust.


Do you want to hold a conference? Chesapeake Virtual Productions has a long history of coordinating events for a variety of professional clients.

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Does your team need to bond? Chesapeake Virtual Productions is an experienced provider of corporate event planning services, including corporate team-building services, to a variety of business clients.

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Holiday Party

The office holiday party is sometimes dreaded. Despite a company’s best efforts to make it a great event, many are just plain boring or go horribly wrong. Avoid the boring and horrible by hiring Chesapeake Virtual Productions to make it an event your staff will be buzzing about well into the new year.

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Fundraising Events

Planning a fundraiser is not always easy. From logistics to a handpicked guest list, there’s a lot to plan. Chesapeake Virtual Productions will work with you to plan and organize every aspect of the event to ensure your company, organization or cause achieves its goal.

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Depend On Us for Your Next Event

Once there’s a basic idea in your head for an upcoming event, you’re in a great position to contact us. Call us at Chesapeake Virtual Productions and let us bring your vision to life.

Due to COVID19, I would like to wish you and your family good health during this time and to let you know I am respecting social distancing guidelines. To better address and adapt for my client’s needs, I am currently offering Video consultation, estimates and ideas for all of their corporate events, as well as personal special events. Give me a call or send me an email to book a video conference for your next event today!