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Chesapeake Virtual Productions is a leading and innovative consultant and coordination company specializing in hybrid and virtual events. We believe in taking your guests, viewers, and staff on an interactive journey in which seamless online integration creates realistic experiences. As professionals in virtual events, we assist in the presentation of virtual conferences, business warmings, webinars, weddings, and spectacular online broadcasting. Our purpose is to create the digital reach you need for powerful, impactful, and positive impressions.

Our Story

Chesapeake Virtual Productions was created as an events' planning company with an emphasis on virtual events. The shift towards online communication and digital services has sparked a pressing need for innovative and personalized virtual events; we can provide. From our virtual presentations to hybrid showcasing, we wish to ensure clients' guests will feel their euphoric vision, passion, love, and capture their dreams and desires as if they were having an in-person event. Our virtual services are increasingly popular for businesses looking to hose a webinar, conference, or professional launch. We have acquired trusted and licensed platforms helping to reduce operational costs while simplifying the execution of a web event.

Why Choose Us

We know that a successful virtual event derives greater reach and participation, tailored messages, memorable experiences, extended contact, valuable data collection, and of course, greater cost-effectiveness. For those individuals who, for whatever reason, would not be able to physically attend an event can easily devote the time to a virtual experience of that event. With fully customized virtual events, we help you build a larger audience by extending your service reach. Online efforts attract global audiences and are as effective, if not more than in-person events. With our combination of skill, passion, and experience, we can deliver on our promises of seamless and expert events to put your brand on the map.

Contact us Today!

Our approach is one of collaboration, understanding your market, and determining your vision. Our team will present the format and the resources to bring that vision to life. For the best solutions in hosting your next business virtual event, call Chesapeake Virtual Productions. We are your leaders and innovators in professional online services.

Due to COVID19, I would like to wish you and your family good health during this time and to let you know I am respecting social distancing guidelines. To better address and adapt for my client’s needs, I am currently offering Video consultation, estimates and ideas for all of their corporate events, as well as personal special events. Give me a call or send me an email to book a video conference for your next event today!